How To Use A Moka Pot

Learn how to brew a rich, full-bodied cup of espresso-like coffee right on your stovetop using the cost effective and easy to use Moka pot.

Key Ingredients:

ground coffee - hot water

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Make it!

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Place the whole roasted coffee beans in a coffee grinder, and grind to a medium-fine grind. Fill the basket with grounds. Loosely fill the basket and be sure not to tamp it down.


Pour hot water into the bottom chamber of the pot. Use a towel to hold onto the bottom chamber and then attach the top part and seal it tight.


Place the pot on the stovetop over low-medium heat and brew for a few minutes. Once you hear gurgling and the coffee has bubbled up into the empty chamber, remove the pot from the heat.


Run the bottom chamber of your pot under water to stop the brewing process and then pour yourself a cup!

To Make Americano: Pour 8 ounces of just boiled water into 1 cup (or 2 ounces) of Moka pot coffee.

To Make A Latte: Brew coffee in your pot as normal and heat milk separately. Use a handheld frother to froth the milk. Pour your coffee into a cup and top it with the frothed milk. A good ratio is 1/3 coffee to 2/3 milk.

To Make Iced Coffee: Brew it hot in your pot and allow it to cool to room temperature. When it’s ready, pour it over ice in a tall glass with some ice cubes.

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